About our CompanyA Rich History in East Texas

Social Responsibility

Of course as the market grows, R&K has enjoyed the success of supplying more and more inventory in the East Texas region, but the promotion of safe and responsible alcohol consumption is more than a motto for the company. As Human Resources Manager and 24-year employee Corey Howell explains, "R&K spends close to $50,000 each year company-wide on corporate social responsibility (CSR). A big part of that is advertising and the safe ride home program. We partner with Longview Transit to provide safe transportation home for Longview residents on New Year’s Eve. We also partner with Driving Jacks in Nacogdoches to provide SFA students and local patrons safe transportation home several times each week. Since Driving Jacks began in January of 2007, they have successfully given over 28,000 safe rides home."

By taking these proactive steps to ensure safe and responsible drinking, R&K is truly a family business that makes it a priority to protect East Texas families as well. While the company has grown exponentially since 1963, the goal of keeping it a family-owned and operated organization has never wavered.

Along with their goal of promoting safe and responsible alcohol consumption, the company itself is also focused on creating more jobs in East Texas. As the business grows, so does their positive impact on the workforce.